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Our most popular game, the basic premise of blackjack is that you want to have a hand value
that is closer to 21 than that of the dealer, without going over 21. Other players at the table
are of no concern. Your hand is strictly played out against the hand of the dealer. The rules
of play for the dealer are strictly dictated, leaving no decisions up to the dealer. Therefore,
there is not a problem with the dealer or any of the other players at the table seeing the
cards in your hand. Indeed, many times the player cards are all dealt face up

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Texas Hold'Em Poker

At Vegas...To Go!, Texas No Limit Hold'Em is a game played with one deck of 52 cards and is
dealt by hand. There is one dealer and from two to nine players. The object of the game is to
win the "pot" of wagered chips by holding the highest ranked poker hand at the table.

Hands are ranked (strongest to weakest):
FULL HOUSE                                                           

A game that is fun, exciting and easy to learn!

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          The goal of the roulette game is to gamble on the result of a ball spun around a
roulette wheel, which is is divided into sections. Each section has a precise number and a
specific color. You can bet on a particular number being landed on by the ball, or some
characteristic of that figure. You can bet that it will be odd or even, or will fall within the
first 12 figures, or land within a column of figures on the roulette table layout.
You can also speculate that the ball will stop in a black or red pocket, or that it will cut both
and successfully find the elusive green zero pocket.

Our friendly Vegas...To Go! dealer will show you how to make each bet on the roulette table.

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Craps is played with two dice so the possible numbers rolled are 2 through 12. The craps
table layout looks confusing because there are many different bets that can be made.
However, only one bet is played in basic craps play, and it is placed on only one area of the
layout. The rest of the layout can be ignored. Craps play can look confusing and fast-moving
because players can place multiple bets on different areas of the layout at the same time.
However, craps play can actually be slower than blackjack due to the fact that the dice often
have to be rolled multiple times before the outcome is determined.

When you place a basic craps bet, all you are doing is placing a wager that the person who
is rolling the dice will roll the number he needs to win. You're essentially just along for the
ride. You are in no way in competition with the person rolling the dice. In fact, you are
betting on how lucky they are with the dice. "The house" (the casino), on the other hand, is
hoping the person rolling the dice isn't so lucky. This is why you'll often hear a lot of hooting
and hollering and find a sense of camaraderie around a craps table. When the person
rolling the dice does good, all the players do good.

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